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Feature Photo
"Pine Island Light Show"
One thing Florida is known for during the summer is our thunderstorms. and I'm not talking about a few rain drops, I'm calling out full fledged, roaring, thunderhead, polarizing, electrifying, run for shelter killer storms.
Although thunderstorms occur throughout the world with the greatest frequency in tropical rainforest areas, no other part of North America has more lightning activity than Florida. If you've heard the old saying 'where there's thunder, there's lightning', let it be known...thunder is the sound made by a flash of lightning! Thunder can be heard from about 10 miles away. Lightning can strike outward by 10 miles. So, if you hear thunder rumbling from the sky and clouds you are in danger of being struck by lightning.
And because there may be just a little danger lurking within me, I went on a storm chasing mission around Florida this summer. Here's one single thunderhead that formed in about 15 minutes close to 5 am on the small island of Pine Island, Florida.
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