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This page highlights an image chosen by the photographer that possesses a characteristic or visionary reference to a cause experience that conforms with nature in the current season.
Feature Photo
Great Blue Heron
I was walking into the Florida Everglades for an early morning photo excursion when I heard this great blue heron flying down a canal under a mangrove canopy in the early dawn. His approach was like an aircraft bellowing through the balmy breeze while the rest of the Everglades was virtually silent.
It was still dark, in a phase described as nautical twilight when the Sun is between 6 and 12 degrees below the horizon. I could see a rare patch of natural light filtering down through the mangroves and scattering sunlight on the water. I quickly raised my camera and had only seconds to get a focus. I may have held my breath as I pressed down on the shutter button and clicked off my shots as he whizzed down the waterway on a mission, as if I wasn't even there.
It happened so fast. I sat down, excited to see if I had captured him in this rare moment in time.
Looking into my monitor I decided my morning work had been done. I headed back to my camp to re-live the moment and get ready for the next trek of my day.
Great blue herons can hunt day and night due to high percentage of photoreceptors in their eyes that improve night vision. 
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