Welcome to Marc Harris Wildlife, conservation photography.

Marc Harris is an internationally recognized wilderness photographer known for his dynamic composition and extraordinary detail of animals and nature. Marc grew up outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee hiking and exploring thousands of acres of unspoiled woodlands he called his backyard. His love of nature, its purity, and all of its creatures began his quest for what has become a dedicated career as an outdoorsman, wildlife & conservation photographer and habitat humanitarian. 

To help raise public awareness, all of Marc's images are captured in the wild. Marc raises his camera to create powerful imagery and showcase the beauty of our planet. Brilliantly executed imagery not only connects humans to nature, it connects the viewer to an alternative moment. A mirror of humanity.

Marc specializes in documenting rare moments in nature, and our worlds extraordinary animals in their natural habitats to unveil the beauty, truth and reality of wildlife engaged in privileged views and actions you may never have the opportunity to see in a lifetime. 

“In nature I am there as a witness only. I require authenticity in my photography, I am out there to document nature and wildlife as it exists, not manipulate it. I truly love being in the wilderness. When I photograph wildlife, I would never touch an animal, move it or use baiting to draw them out. My passion is being part of the experience based on a true story. If I get the shot I feel I was rewarded by Mother Nature for allowing me to capture the moment in time.”

"I believe the approach of the artist and the approach of the environmentalist are fairly close in that both are, to a rather impressive degree, concerned with the 'affirmation of life'...response to natural beauty is one of the foundations of the environmental movement." - Ansel Adams

Marc is a participating member of the United Arts Council of Collier County,  Naples Art Association and Alliance For The Arts. Marc’s work has been published in National Geographic, featured at exhibitions at The von Liebig Gallery, Naples; Arts for Act, Fort Myers; UF/IFAS of Collier County. He is currently exhibiting at The Everglades Wonder Gardens in historic Bonita Springs 2017 & 2018. Upcoming exhibits include the Naples Depot Museum April - June 2018, Norris Gallery Naples, FL May 2018, Marco Island Historical Museum February - April 2020. Marc maintains a full time solo gallery located at 1401 Lee Street, Downtown River District in Fort Myers, FL. More exhibition info coming soon.


“To photograph wildlife and nature I make a visceral connection with my surroundings before I raise the camera. The same applies to current events and people as I relate to an image foreseen by emotion and resonance. I never forget how wonderful it all is.”